Mickey Page - Country and Western Vocalist


Mickey PageMickey Page was born early on a Saturday morning on 13th June 1959, at home in a caravan, and was the eldest of five children.

He began singing at a young age. His Mum and Dad liked nothing more than to play Country and Western Music whenever they could and this undoubtedly sparked Mickey's passion for the music.

Every Sunday morning whilst his Mum cooked she would listen to the likes of Slim Whitman, Hank Locklin, Charlie Pride and many of the other Country and Western greats.

Slim WhitmanThe first big star that Mickey saw perform was Slim Whitman in Southampton, saving up for a front row seat even though the rest of his family were way back in the audience.

The first time Mickey ever took to the big stage was all those years ago when he was in school. They were holding a junior show and Mickey was approached to take part, a chance he was more than willing to take.

That night Mickey returned home to learn two songs all the way through. Although he could sing Mickey didn't know any songs all the way through. The first two songs he learnt were Distant Drums by Jim Reeves and Birmingham Jail by Slim Whitman.

Mickey's passion for the music is still strong and since meeting his new wife Hazel he is now devoting more time to his talent and sharing it with wider audiences.

Mickey with wife Hazel


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